Cloud Based School Management Software.

Marking, Attendance, Locker Management and more!  You focus on education, we'll take care of the rest.


Tablets, Laptops and Computers, Oh My!

MRKR works on all devices, so whether you're at your desk, or on the go we've got you covered.

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Beautiful Interface

Our dashboard provides you with all the information you need at a quick glance to keep you updated. Class analytics, upcoming projects or tests, staff notifications and more!

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It’s gonna look good on all devices.

MRKR is fully supported on all Computers and Tablets, Mac, PC, Android, iPad.. whatever it may be, work on your preferred device.

We keep it modular.

You pick and choose what modules you want to use for your school(s) and get charged only for those.



Looking for the basic student/class management, no problem we have put together a small package for those small schools.



Okay so your looking for a bit more, not a problem, we've carefully crafted this medium package for those schools who need just a little bit more functionality.



You are most likely a school board with many schools right? Great, we have a package just for you that includes all the great modules we have and then some!

Features you'll wanna check out.

Don't see a feature you want? Let us know and we'll build it in for you!

Student Demographic

Tracking student demographic attributes in a permanent record and across enrollments. Easily create any number of custom fields to capture your specific data needs.


Staff Demographics

Track staff demographic attributes. View reports on when they have logged in, last marked an assignment and more!

Report Card Creation

Print out report cards with the click of a button, just select what you want included. Print one, print all or anywhere in between.

Report Designer

MRKR comes with numerous standard reports and the ability to design custom reports easily.


Keep track of students by period, by day, with comments and all accomplished with a only a few clicks. Customize attendance codes to meet your specific needs.

Hosted In The Cloud

All data entered into MRKR is continuously auto-saved, never lose your work to a power outage again! All of your data is hosted in Canada.


Everyone takes their data seriously and every bit of data is incredibly sensitive. Rest assured that all MRKR data is heavily encrypted, and constantly backed up.

Mobile Friendly

Access MRKR anywhere, anytime on your computer or tablet - MRKR has been designed to work on the go, wherever you are.

Always up to date

MRKR is rolling release software, that means the newest version is always available to users, and administrators don't have to worry about updates.

LDAP Integration

Already using LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)? No problem we support full LDAP integration into MRKR to keep things simple for your existing staff!

Google Docs Integration

Share documents, excel files, homework, anything with your students with ease.

Lesson Management

We allow you to setup classes with lessons, and assignments within. This cuts down on time when marking time comes around as your assignments and tests are right there associated with the class and lesson(s).

Frequently Asked Questions

Well, only some of the questions are frequently asked.

How is data kept secure?

MRKR uses the same 128-bit encryption and physical security that banks use. Our practices are monitored and verified by TRUSTe and VeriSign, and supported by RSA Security. Your data physically is secured by a 24/7/365 monitored 3M Fire Suppression System, state of the art DVR and access security system, the datacenter is hosted access only for increased security.

Is there a demo available?

We have completed 85% of MRKR and expect to have a demo up in the coming month or so, if you want to be notified when it's ready, send us an email with the subject 'DEMO' and we'll notify you as soon as it's ready.

What's your support like?

With technology, problems are inevitable. What's more inevitable is that you'll always be able to get a real person via phone, email or live chat!

I want a feature you don't have.

That's awesome! We encourage our clients to come to us with new features they want and need, it helps us build a better product for you!

Tell me more about your pricing.

Our pricing is simple and transparent, what you see is what you get billed for - no hidden costs! Pricing is going to be released very soon but we can tell you it will be very competitive :)

How can I migrate from my existing software to yours?

Not a problem, we have created multiple tools to help you migrate from existing software over to ours quickly and efficiently.

MRKR Support

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